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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Introduction Video for 2018

Dear Worth Agents,

For many months now we have been quietly working on a new tool that will make presenting and selling the Worth Account, AND recruiting...SO MUCH EASIER!

If you have ever wished for a Simplified way for your prospects to instantly “GET IT” on how the Worth Account works, and want to have their Savings Report run immediately, we think we have NAILED it!

Check out this NEW introduction video which will appear on your replicated client site...

Isn't it great?

Shoot this out to your prospective clients or referral agent prospects and then follow up to get their thoughts.

Call me anytime I can be of help!

Sincerely, Sue Copening
Exec Director, Indep Agent, Worth Unlimited
(407) 443-0348

Friday, December 1, 2017

New DISCOUNTED Pricing makes Worth even BETTER!

A lot has changed with Worth over the years.  You can see the HISTORY of the Worth Account and Worth Unlimited as it began as United First Financial) here...

History of the Worth Account

If you are completely unfamiliar with our company you should read the above post first for the whole "back story."

In the last few years there have been a few very important changes...

Flexible Pricing!

The Worth Account used to be a fixed price of $3500. For most this worked out to be a GREAT deal... as our average client was saving over $120,000 on their current debt load. Investing $3500 to save $120k meant that the program investment was no more than 3% of the amount saved for MOST of our clients.

But what if you were not saving the "average" amount that most clients did? For myself, my savings was just $68,000., meaning my investment was a little over 5% of what I saved. Still a great deal, but not as good as others. I also had clients that were only going to save about $25,000. They STILL wanted to buy the program, for the simple reason that it is a program for LIFE, and they knew they would be picking up more debt in future years (other houses, cars, etc), and they would save money using the program to manage those debts as well. But still... 14% pricing versus 3%? Not as attractive.

Even though the savings always justified the investment, the fixed pricing was still controversial. SO... Management listened to us, their agents and clients, and they came up with a "discounted" formula that means that if you are not saving as much, or you don't have as much in assets, or income, etc., then you can get a DISCOUNT on the sale price.

How does that work?  How do you know what your investment will be to use the program for the rest of your life?

To find out what YOUR savings will be... and what your pricing is... you simply get one of our FREE Savings Analysis. That Analysis looks at your debts, interest rates, payment amounts, your income and, based on how you are currently spending your money, it calculates exactly WHEN you will be debt free, and how much you can expect to save, withOUT changing your current budget or lifestyle in any noticeable way.

It also calculates a DISCOUNT immediately that is good for the next 30 days.

Here is an example from one of my teams clients...

As you see this persons total savings is less than average... only $64,574.
However they are saving over 19 years and will be debt free in under 10 years!
So, while the interest savings is on the low side... the TIME SAVED is huge... think of what their monthly savings ($562) can mean to them invested every month for that 19 years of debt service they got out of early?

They also got a discount on the program...

A nice discount of $300 isn't bad. Some discounts can be even bigger... depending on circumstances, which leads me to the fact that we have also based pricing on three different LEVELS of the program...

GOLD - For those without a mortgage. They will use the program to pay off credit cards, car loans, student loan debt, etc. I've had "Gold" clients pay as little as $750 for the program. This is a great version for young people, just out of college and starting out in life. They can use their program to develop great financial management skills that will follow them though a lifetime of success.

PLATINUM - Is for people with 1 to 3 primary mortgages. This might be their residence plus 2 rental properties. They can have 2nd mortgages or HELOCS on those properties. The program will help them pay off ALL those loans PLUS car loans, student debt, credit cards, anything else they may have. I've had Platinum clients pay as little as $2400 for the program, but to be honest, the "floor" might be lower, I'm not sure.

PLATINUM PLUS - This is for the bigger real estate INVESTORS that have 4 or more primary mortgages. One of the reasons we have twice won the "EDITORS CHOICE AWARD" from Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine is because "buy and hold" investors LOVE the way our program helps them build equity and increase positive cash flow in their real estate portfolios. Platinum Plus clients pay a little bit more... the highest I've seen is about $3600., and that is to cover the 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Worth for Real Estate Investors!

Real estate INVESTORS love our program!

Why?  Because they can rapidly build equity in a portfolio and increase their positive cash flow.

We have TWICE won the "Editors Choice" Award in Personal Real Estate Investor magazine.  You can get copies of the most recent issue we were featured in by visiting the "Worth Store" in your Agent back office.

If you would like to READ the article, download it here:  Editors Choice Award - Personal RE Investor Magazine.

Do you have CLIENTS that are RE investors?  

See what you think of this FLYER to help get them interested in learning more.  If you would like a customized copy for yourself... just let SUE know.

Click flyer to enlarge:

Thursday, February 4, 2016

We Joined up with Dr. Joan!

~~ 2016: GREAT NEWS for our team! ~~

Our team has now joined forces with the amazing team of Dr. Joan Haakonstad!

We’ve done this for a variety of strategic reasons... But how it benefits YOU is that Joan is the TOP leader in the company... And she is the best because she has some amazing marketing and training systems in place that can have you consistently bringing in leads for Worth.

ADDITIONALLY... you now have a 2nd - "2nd voice" in Joan.  When you have an interested prospect... just get myself or Joan involved... just ask them if they would like to "strategize" with us... and we will FOLLOW UP with them for you!

Over the next few days and weeks, Dr. Joan may be reaching out to some of you personally... PLUS look for announcements for “special topic” training webinars and focus groups.

To see some of Dr. Joan’s RESOURCES, go here now:

REGISTER now so you get reminders of the weekly TUESDAY trainings... Go here:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/85811645

Call us anytime I can be of help!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Adding WORTH for Tax Professionals

Increase your income with a NEW referral program for professionals.  While anyone can use this, it's perfect for busy TAX Professionals.

Here's the program in 3 easy steps:

1) Give your CLIENTS this survey form when they come into your office: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

2) Those clients that say "YES" ... they want more information, simply email (or fax) the form back to us at:  WealthBuilderGPS@gmail.com 

3) CASH your referral bonus:  $500 on average!

There is nothing else you need to do - nothing to pay - nothing to "sign up" for!  

How much can you earn?  Personally I've done as much as an extra $68K, on TOP of my core business.

We (Worth Unlimited) do all the work of contacting your client (with their permission as you see), offering them a FREE savings analysis and, for every client that comes on board with our program - YOU earn 50% of our sales commission (typically $500).

You can feel GREAT about partnering with our company...
  • EDITORS Choice Award - Personal RE Investor Magazine
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Award - Ernst & Young
  • A+ rating in the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU

Client LOVE this program...
  • AVERAGE savings over $100,000.
  • All debt paid off in 7-12 years, on average
  • REPORTS to make Tax Time easier - saves YOU time too!

Have questions?

1) You can download a FAQ page here:  DOWNLOAD Quesions & Answers

2) Or CALL us at: 407-443-0348 (call for fax number)

Here's to an extra GREAT 2016!

Sue Copening
Managing Exec Director - Worth Unlimited
407-443-0348 - text or call

Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Editors Choice Award" - from Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine!

Twice our program has won the EDITORS CHOICE Award from Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine!

Why?  Because "buy and hold" Investors LOVE our program.  You can show an investor how... in the 30 years he would normally take to pay off just his own mortgage... he can have 3-5 Rental Properties "free and clear" too... using no more of his income and just a little of the positive cash flow from the rentals.

You can buy copies of the magazine in our BACK OFFICE.

Here is a RECAP of what the magazine wrote about our program.
(right click to open - choose "open link in new window" and save - or email me and I'll send to you: unlimitedworth@gmail.com)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Would you like a CUSTOMIZED Flyer?

See what you think about this Flyer... would it be something you could give to potential clients?

Are you a Realtor that does "New Home Kits" or a Financial Planner that gives a presentation package?

I can customize these for you... just email me at: unlimitedworth@gmail.com
and let me know you want one!

Call 407-443-0348 with any questions.
Want a SAMPLE ANALYSIS you can show clients too?  CLICK HERE

ABOVE is for Potential Clients
BELOW is for potential Referral Agents/Partners

Monday, August 17, 2015

New Wealth Building with Worth Unlimited!

Clients have always been able to use Worth as a debt elimination tool while they were also saving and investing... but now Worth is programing the "wealth building piece" right into the software... giving clients a way to get debt free WHILE building wealth from day ONE!

What does this mean for our Agents?  Well, for those with an Insurance/Annuities license, it means this program works, hand in glove, with your core business even better!

1) Help clients say laser focused on wealth building by introducing them to the Worth "TOOL" at the same time you get their retirement/investment plan set up.

2) Draw clients and referrals your competitors are not... because you have something they don't - The Worth Account!

And for ALL our agents... you can now build a huge residual income by getting your license and introducing clients to a safe, tax advantaged, flexible, financial option offered with no market risk.

Additionally... our new 3rd party financing options allow you to offer your (qualified) client the Worth Account for just $99 down... while still earning all commissions upfront!


Catch UP!
with TWO live trainings this week by...
... Mac Saunders
... Dr. Joan Haakonstad

Monday & Thursday night training, register here...

You can listen NOW to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT (recorded)
... by Skyler Wittman

Have you SEEN the new DEMO video?
It's on YOUR replicated client website now...
or SEE IT HERE on mine:  http://WorthClient.com 
... your clients will never think they can "do this themselves" once they watch this.

Have you ever seen Mac's "napkin" presentation?  

And check out more great recorded trainings here on Dr. Joan's page:

Call me anytime I can be of help!
Sue: 407-443-0348

Monday, June 8, 2015

Worth Unlimited QUICK LINKS!

Worth Unlimited QUICK LINKS:

Product information....

... 3 videos on the bottom of the page

... "sizzle" video and overview

... VIDEO Testimonials! ... link to written as well.

... Over 1000 text testimonials

... News Team 3 review our original program!

... How the FREE SAVINGS ANALYSIS works!

... log in for clients AND agents

... Sue's blog... more info and training

... longer orientation on product AND company

...Worth Account DEMO Video

... LIVE events and WEBINARS

Agents & Training...

... you may need to log into back office to access some of these, some not.

... 3 videos on the bottom... MIDDLE has commission info

... direct link to COMMISSIONS

... LIVE events and WEBINARS

... Sue's YouTUBE channel... more training!

... PDF for commission info (need to be logged in as agent)

... 5-6 training webinars - RECORDED (need to be logged in as agent)

... Register for Dr. Joan's bi-monthly training

... More training from Dr. Joan, including resources and pre-written EMAILS!

... More resources from Dr. Joan!


... How to access the DEMO ACCOUNT

... TRAINING: Sales Track + Pipeline & Drip = Success!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sales TRACK + PIPELINE & DRIP = a proven and successful approach!

Now that we have Mac Saunders back on board we have been "exploding" sales as more and more people are finding the "Sales Track" method to be successful in introducing our program to consumers.

This approach is also used in the "Recruit to Sell" Approach... meaning that we treat EVERYONE the same... whether people want to come on board as an Agent... or as a Client... they go through the SAME sales process...

1) Watch the Videos
2) Do, or have, their Savings Report / Analysis completed.

If a potential Agent does not have debt... that is OK.  They still will do a Savings Report based on debt they may have had in the past.  Have them put in the mortgage they paid off, the last car loan they had, and the last credit card balances they had.

WHY?  Because only by going through "the process" will people really KNOW the power of the program.  Additionally, by going through the process... they feel confident when talking to a prospect.  They KNOW what the prospect will see, the understand how it's done, and they have more CREDIBILITY with the prospect as well.

The Monday Night Training Call (REGISTER HERE - scroll to bottom of page) has been covering the 6 Step "SALES TRACK" process.. while this seems like a lot of info... it's actually very SIMPLE and is really only covering about 15 minutes of conversation with a prospect. This is really to learn the "Steps" and the principles of how to qualify your prospects... with questions and tie-downs.

Why?  Because this is a "numbers game" - you don't ever want to be "selling" or trying to "convince" someone that their debt is important.  What you want to do is weed people OUT who don't take their finances seriously.  When you do that, you are left with the best prospects, ones that will take action (as either an agent or a client) and one that will be the best "builders" of your Worth business.  

Also... remember a "no" is not a "forever No" it's a "not right now" ..people's lives, and their finances, are constantly changing.  Just because someone doesn't appear interested NOW, doesn't mean that 6 months down the road they won't be... their circumstances might be vastly different.  This is why it's important that EVERY CONTACT goes in your "DRIP" Pipeline (see below), so you stay in constant contact with them.  It often takes 8-10 times of "seeing" something before people take action.  Some take action the first time... some longer. You don't want to lose sales because you gave up too soon.

Remember... when you catch someone at the right TIME... with the right ATTITUDE... this program SELLS ITSELF!

You can DOWNLOAD the Sales Track right here. Open up each lesson and go over it.  There are TWO parts to each lesson...
1) either the PowerPoint OR the PDF
2) the TEXT in Word Doc format

~~~ SALES TRACK dowloads:

Sales Track #1 - PowerPoint: Let's Start!
#1 as a PDF version
#1 - TEXT for lesson in WORD Doc

Sales Track #2 - PowerPoint: 15sec Commercial
#2 as a PDF version
#2 - TEXT for lesson in WORD Doc

Sales Track #3 - PowerPoint: "Qualifiers"
#3 as a PDF version
#3 - TEXT for lesson in WORD Doc

Sales Track #4 - Powerpoint: Your Story
#4 as a PDF version
#4 - TEXT for lesson in WORD Doc

Sales Track #5 - PowerPoint: The Litmus Test
#5 as a PDF version
#5 - TEXT for lesson in WORD Doc

Sales Track #6 - PowerPoint: Setting the Appointment
#6 as a PDF version
#6 - TEXT for lesson in WORD Doc

Build your own SALES Pipeline...

Marketing Studies show that most people need to be "touched" 10-13 times before taking action.  about 5-10% will be "Action Takers" and respond immediately to a good opportunity.  These are often your "Type A" personalities who often are business owners or managers. But remember, you can even catch those people at the wrong time.

About 10% of people will NEVER take action on anything. 

The other 80% can go either way depending on YOU. Depending on your message, how you approach them, the impression you make on them, and how well you follow up and stay in touch.

This is what the SALES PIPELINE is for... and why a DRIP program is crucial to your long term success.  What do I mean by that...

1) initial contact (phone call?) get their email.
2) send first email with video links
3) follow up for a more in-depth conversation (weeding out)
4) show the action takers the next step AND for the others...
5) put them in your pipeline for a regular series of emails.

Once you put a system in place, you should schedule at least 1/2 hour to an hour a day to make NEW contacts and to follow up on past conversations.

UNLIMITED LEADS... with the "Recruit to Sell" approach you have unlimited leads... in fact the videos below will show you how to download them... or CALL ME: 407-443-0348 if you can't figure it out or don't have a Library card, and I'll download a few hundred for you.

What is the "Recruit to Sell" approach?  It's simple. You just reach out to fellow professionals that might be interested in being Agents and adding Worth as an income stream to THEIR existing business.  85% of the general population have debt... so you are killing two birds with one stone.  You might have an Agent, or you might have an Agent that also buys the program for themselves.  Remember... this SELLS ITSELF when people learn it's power.

Target professions that we already know are good referral sources, but also ones that might be good referral sources for whatever YOUR "core" business is.

For Example: Real Estate Agents, Insurance Pros, Lenders and Mortgage Brokers, Banks and Credit Unions, Financial Advisors, Accountants and Tax Preparers, etc.  Also... those sales professionals that sell "high ticket" items like cars, boats, furniture, home improvements... anything that someone might finance.

If I were an Insurance Agent I might target Mortgage Brokers and Realtors because they meet people right at a time they are going to be looking for more insurance.

If I was a Realtor I might target Lenders as they often meet people who come to them to get pre-qualified for a mortgage, but before they've met a Real Estate Agent. Or I might target Insurance Pros because they often get in conversations with clients about upcoming purchases, like homes.


This document here will help you set up a pipeline.  It also has 10 prewritten emails you can copy and paste to send your emails out.

DOWNLOAD:  Drip Emails & Pipeline System
(when you click it will automatically download a WORD document to your computer)

These VIDEOS will show you how to do this.
Call if you have any questions after viewing: 407-443-0348

How to Download FREE Leads: https://youtu.be/8ikZRjFJVp4
How to set up a SPREADSHEET tracking system: https://youtu.be/5sZyiY0Cw1M?list=UUvaEuwPQGrwea6TXbHNu3hg
First Call Script & sending Email: http://youtu.be/ksxay0rejZU

If you are not one of those super "computer savvy" people and there is something you don't know how to do.. like sort an Excel Spreadsheet or "copy and paste" ... never fear!

Help is as close as YouTube or Google.  Just search for what you need to learn and you will find a video or written tutorial to teach you.  And if that fails... call me.

Best wishes for your success!
Sue - Sr. Exec Director: Worth

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A "Retro" Look: The "Saving You Money" team reviews our original program

When our program first came out, within about a year, a local TV station's consumer department heard about it. As you see in the report, they had 3 people in the station who actually were using the program (before they produced this news story) and they all gave it a "thumbs up." 

(Click to read INTERVIEW with Mark Victor Hansen, author of
"One Minute Millionaire and Chicken Soup for the Soul")

At the time it was called the "Money Merge Account" and it only worked with mortgages and equity lines. The concept was really a "work around" solution to achieve the same results as an "offset mortgage" - which is mathematically superior to a 30 year fixed when used properly. Over 60%, perhaps 70%, of all mortgages in the UK and Australia (and many parts of Europe) are offset mortgages, however they are almost unheard of here in the US. An offset mortgage will pay off quicker and cost less interest when used as it was designed to be used.

~~ FREE Upgrades for life!

Over the years our program has evolved to "attack" all debt where it sits, simply acting as a "financial GPS" and calculating the quickest way to zero debt, paying the least in interest (no small feat considering most American's have 11-13 lines of debt, on average). 

~~ FREE Coaching and Support for life!

You never need to worry about how easy it is to use the program. It's basically "plug and play" and coaches are always available to walk you through whatever you don't "get" right away. 

~~ ALL Debt!

Now called "The Worth Account" ...This program now works on ALL debt... student debt, car loans, credit cards, whether you have no mortgage at all... or multiple mortgages.

The 5th generation of this program (clients get FREE upgrades), can automatically update through online banking and can print out reports so tax time is easier. 

~~ NEW Pricing!

Our program used to be a flat amount. Now, however, we have a "sliding scale" as well as THREE versions of the program...

Gold - for people withOUT a mortgage, just consumer and student debt.
Platinum - for those with up to 3 primary mortgages.
Platinum Plus - for investors with 4 or more primary mortgages.

Each version is priced also according to how much savings results are projected. If you don't save as much, you get a discount on the "licensing."

~~ PRIVATE LABEL versions available!

If your company would like your own CUSTOM branded version of the program... just call us!  When you Private Label the program as your own you also control the pricing and the commission structure. It's a perfect added revenue stream for financial companies, banks, credit unions, and even businesses with an F&I office... like an auto dealership.

~~ NEW Features!

The program will STILL work to mimic an offset mortgage, if the proper accounts are in place, however 95% of our clients get on the program immediately (with only a checking and savings account) to start saving money. Down the road, if they get a line of credit, then they can put that in place to achieve extra savings.  

Call me with your questions!  
Sue at 407-443-0348 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What will YOUR Free Savings Analysis Look Like?

Our average client is saving over $100k -$120,000 in interest as they are getting debt free. Additionally, they are paying off ALL debt, including a 30 year mortgage, in an average of 7-11 years.

What could YOUR savings be?  Find out!

It only takes a few minutes to get your own free, personalized SAVINGS ANALYSIS showing you exactly when you could be debt free using the Worth Account.

You don't need to give any information that would violate your privacy or that could possibly make you feel uncomfortable about "identity theft" ... and your call is confidential... like talking to your bank.

What you do NOT need to tell us... no account numbers, social security numbers, names of debts and we don't run a credit check... in fact, even if you move forward and get our program, no credit check is needed. Ever.

What we DO need... the amounts still owed on your debts, the interest rates, and the amount of your monthly payments. The only other thing we need is an idea of your "take home" pay and how much, if any, you have left over at month end. Are your finances super tight?  Not a problem... as long as you are not consistently spending more money than you bring home, this program WILL work and WILL save you money!

Here is a "Sample Client" that we have put together with what is an average amount of debt (you might be more or less, and your results will vary - which is why we give you a PERSONALIZED Analysis at no charge)...

This "Sample Client" has the following debts and income...  Note they only have $200.00 left over at the end of the month after paying all their bills.

(page 1 - left click to download)

(page 2 - left click to download)

If you'd like to jump right to the RESULTS and the savings the customer will be getting... Just click here to view the video...

Want to see what YOUR savings will look like?
If you are an AGENT you can run your own report in the back office. 
Just click on your name and see "run Analysis" in the drop down.

If you are not an Agent, call SUE at 407-443-0348
and I'll set you up for a FREE Savings Analysis Appointment!
Questions? email: unlimitedworth@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Does the Savings Analysis Process Work?

You may be reading this because you are thinking of having a Savings Analysis done for yourself, or because you are wondering about the best way to refer a client.

Whichever the situation is, this article should make you feel comfortable about the process of the "Analysis and Demo."

First... I want you to remember that ALL Worth Unlimited sales and marketing is driven by REFERRALS.

What does this mean to YOU?

It means that we have to accomplish two things... we have to make our clients HAPPY with our product once they have purchased it (see "testmonials" on the WorthUnlimited.com web site) AND we also have to make people happy and comfortable with the PROCESS of buying the program.

If we fail at either one... we won't get future referrals, will we?

SO... this should make you, and your client, feel confident that the whole process of the Savings Analysis appointment(s) is going to be painless, positive and comfortable.... and it IS!

Here's how it works....

1) Call the toll-free Analysis Hotline at: 800-224-1053
... if you have a client you are referring it is advised that you use a 3-way call to do this... simply put them on hold, call the company yourself, and then "conference them in together."  If you are calling for yourself, they will ask you who referred you. Let them know the name of the person who is your Worth contact. If you don't have a Worth contact, use: Sue #988047 (questions? 407-443-0348)

If you are a referral agent, you can also enter the client in the back office of your website under "PROSPECTS" and use the "ASSIGN" button to assign them to the home office and choose their appointment time.  If time is not avail it will prompt you to choose another.  The company will send them an email confirmation, but I also recommend you keep track of your appointments as well and call the client with a reminder the day before. Appointment times are valuable, it is considerate to the Coaches to reschedule rather than have a no show.

FIRST Phone Call.... (about 10 minutes)

This process is done completely over the phone and just takes a couple of minutes. On the first phone call they will ONLY set an appointment for you to talk to a Worth Coach (with your numbers).

SECOND Phone call... (20 minutes to an hour)

This second call should happen (they will set up an appointment for this one) while you are in front of your computer and in the privacy of your own home or office.  If you have a partner/spouse, you will want them on the call (3 way?) too as this affects them as well and they'll want to be part of the conversation.

Have your monthly statements for your debts/loans in front of you.  It will be faster if you have circled the.... balance, interest rate & payment amount on each statement.  If you have a mortgage as well... look for the: START date and the amount going to escrow, if any, also, is there PMI?

NOTE: The only other info the company needs is an idea of your income (monthly average is fine) and how much true discretionary income you have left each month.  They do NOT need any info that could lead to "identity theft." For instance, they will NOT ask you for social security number, any account numbers or the names of your bank or mortgage company.  Only the "generic" debt numbers are necessary for the calculations of the Savings Analysis.
Your Worth Coach will share the Savings Analysis with you and, if it shows that the program will work for you (remember it doesn't work for everyone which is why this process is necessary), then they will do a full DEMO and presentation of the program (using your own numbers), along with answering all your questions.

You really only have one decision to make... either keep doing things the way you've been doing them, or, move forward and let the Worth Account help you achieve the results that it shows you you can have.

If you choose to move forward and get the Worth Account at this time, they will go ahead with the activation and set up a follow up coaching appointment for you to show you how to input your numbers, and how to use even more of the product features.

If you cannot, for any reason, move forward with activation at this time (for instance, you have circumstances that require you to wait), don't hesitate to ask the Worth Coach to simply set up another follow up appointment for you, for whenever it is convenient.

Do keep one thing in mind though.... SAVINGS ARE TIME SENSITIVE. If you take your total amount of projected savings, and divide that by the number of months until you will be debt free... that will give you an "average" of your monthly savings. For most clients, that average is over $900 in interest savings for EVERY MONTH of program use. If yours is close to that, you'll want to ask yourself... "how many months do you want to wait to start saving?"

CONFIDENCE:  Since 2006 we have helped over 70,000 clients with achieving their financial goals.  That has resulted in an "A+" rating in the Better Business Bureau. 

What does this say to you?  

It says that you can be confident that Worth IS focused on YOUR success.  After all, the more successful you are with your debt elimination and money management using the program, the more REFERRALS the company will get.... it's a "win win" for all!

With that in mind, your Worth Coaches are your "partners" in reaching your financial goals. Never hesitate to pick up the phone and call with questions, no matter how small you may consider them to be.

Additionally you'll find that the company will occasionally call YOU. Not because we have any other products to sell (we don't), but because we want to stay in touch to insure you are happy with the program, and are getting the results that were GUARANTEED you when you came on board.

Our GUARANTEE:  The Worth Account has a performance GUARANTEE that insures that, as long as you follow the program, and as long as your financial circumstances don't change drastically, that you WILL get the savings shown in the Savings Analysis, if not better.  

RESULTS:  Our average client is saving over $120,000, is paying off ALL debt, including a 30 year mortgage, in just 7-11 years, and our typical client reports they are achieving (on average) about 20% better results than expected.

Program PERKS:  The program comes with UNLIMITED live coaching and support, so you are encouraged to call in as often as needed until you feel completely comfortable with the program.  

Also, the program comes with unlimited upgrades. As we further develop new features for the program, you're entitled to FREE upgrades of whatever level of the program you have purchased.  

You are also entitled to upgrade to a higher level of the program at any time by simply paying the pricing difference.  For instance, you might purchase the "Gold" version for consumer debt (no mortgage), and later after you have purchased a home, upgrade to the "Platinum" version, which is designed to include a mortgage, or mortgages, in your financial picture.

For Worth REFERRAL PARTNERS:  As you know this is an AWARD WINNING program, we have over 70,000 clients using the program and our parent company has an "A+" rating in the Better Business Bureau.

You can always have confidence your client will be treated well when you refer them to Worth. You are welcome to give your client the toll free number and your referral ID# and let them call themselves, however (procrastination being what it is) you'll have the best results if you give them more guidance by being directly involved in setting up the first appointment with them using the 3-way call approach... OR... the back office to book using the computer.

You'll know what is happening every step of the way as Worth will send you email updates letting you know the status of the situation, when the clients next coaching appointment is set up for, etc.  

Whether you're reading this for client info, or for yourself, please know that everyone at Worth Unlimited is here to help you succeed at your financial goals.  How much could YOU save using the Worth Account?

Get your FREE Savings Analysis started TODAY and find out!

If you want more info or have any questions about any aspect of Worth Unlimited, please feel free to call Sue Copening, Exec Director, at 407-443-0348.