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Friday, August 2, 2019

A Step by Step Guide to Getting Started

There is so, SO much information about Worth it can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming but, in reality, there are some simple steps you can take to start producing results. 
You don't have to know everything, you will learn as you go along. Just keep in mind that if someone asks you a question, and you are not sure of the answer, you can get someone in your upline to give them a ring. But most of the time you can just tell them you'll find out and continue the conversation. If you need me to follow up with one of your prospects... just TEXT me their name and phone and any details I should know. I will call them asap. 

TEXT to: 407-443-0348

Step 1) Sign up as an Agent!
There are two choices right now...
a) $155 includes a 30 day use of the Worth Account AND your "agent license" for the first year. This is the right option if you think that you might want to buy the Worth Account for yourself, or even if you just want to use it for 30 days as a "training tool." If you DO buy the Worth Account (you have 10 days to get a 20% discount if you do) the $155 becomes a credit toward your purchase.
b)The other choice is to just sign up as an agent only. That is normally $149 however, right now there is a discount and you can sign up for just $49 (use discount code Start49).

Step 2) Get familiar with your websites. 

One is for you to show to potential clients, the other for potential agents. They will look like this, but with YOUR unique agent number at the end (I've used my own here).
CLIENTS: http://WorthAccount.com/Sue 
AGENTS: http://WorthUnlimited.com/Sue

Step 3) Check out the back office.

It's been redesigned a bit since this first video was made, but check out the second as well for a good overview. Frankly, if you just poke around a bit you'll figure it out.

Back office orientation:
New back office tools:

Download an eBook and READ IT!
(you can do from your back office)

Step 4) Run your OWN analysis!
One thing that will really motivate you and help you understand the program is running your own analysis. To do that, go to where your name is in the back office (upper right hand corner), click on your name and choose the "Run My Analysis" link from the drop down menu. Enter your accurate debts and income and see how much the program will save YOU!

THIS VIDEO will help you run the analysis!

If you are debt free, then you should run a Sample Analysis in your "Prospect" area.

Just create a fake prospect and give them a name that is obviously fake... I use "Sample Client" for first and last name so if the home office sees it they don't think it's real. I like running 3 different analysis scenarios and printing them out as examples to show people. I'll do one with only a mortgage, one with a mortgage and a rental property and one with a mortgage, car loan and credit card debt. Just make up numbers you feel are pretty average for your area. This really gives you a good feel for what the program can do.

Step 5) Watch a few training videos to boost your confidence with talking about the program. You can watch more as you have time.
There are a lot of training videos on the Corporate YouTube channel. I'm going to give you a link to that and you can poke around and pick out what you want to watch. But, for now, here are the most important in my personal opinion...


How to talk about the Worth Account:


Agent Marketing Resources:

HOW does it Work?:


More Training on the Corporate YouTube Channel:


Step 6) TALK ABOUT IT! "Warm" Market.
If you talk to clients about money or real estate, you have a warm market to drop this organically into a conversation. It also makes a great prospecting tool... call your past clients. Even if they are not interested now, it's a great conversation starter and you might end up just getting a referral from them for your core business. For existing clients, I might just ring them up and say... "I've just discovered a great tool to save thousands of dollars. Can I ask you... is your house free and clear?" Let them answer and follow up with snippets of info, but mostly let them ask you questions. The goal? Get them interested in having their Savings Analysis done. Then, if you aren't ready to do it for them, or just prefer the company does, use the back office system to "ASSIGN" to the home office, you can even set up a specific appointment back there!

Step 7) TALK ABOUT IT! "Cold" Market
What if you DON'T have a warm Market?

Then the easiest way to get started is with the "recruit to sell" approach! Call people in professions where they talk to clients about money or real estate...

  • Financial Planners
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Lenders such as Mortgage Brokers
  • Insurance (independent agents), especially those in life/health.
  • Accountants & CPA's
Unless you are doing this full time, try to set your GOAL at no more than 3-5 NEW prospects each day. Don't do too many right at first because the NEXT day you need to follow up on previous calls and you don't want to set yourself up for an overwhelming amount of follow up where you then don't have time to do NEW calls. You always want a pipeline and you can adjust this as you see what your time allows.

Here is the opening script I use. Tweak it so that it is comfortable for you...

"Hello Bob? Are you still in Real Estate? Great! You don't know me and I don't want to take up your time, I just have a quick question for you... I work with a company called Worth Unlimited, and we work with Realtors like yourself. We have a product that Realtors refer their clients to... it really helps your clients AND our company has an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau.

So here is the question... Would you be open to looking at what we have to see if you would like to create more income for yourself by referring clients? You get, on average, $400-$1000 per client who gets our program.

If you ARE open to taking a look... I can send you more info via email.... ?"

That's it. Just shut up there and wait for their answer. If you work this casually, you will get many more yes's, than no's. In fact, you will rarely get a "no."

After you get their email, verify their cell phone. I usually say... 

"Is this your cell phone? I can also send you a video link by text. OK, unless you have questions now, I'll let you go, because I know I might have been interrupting. I'll follow up in a couple of days."

Then you simply follow up and filter through the ones interested. The thing is, with this approach, you are killing two birds with one stone, as each person might also need the program for themselves. In my experience about 40% are candidates for the program too and, as they learn about it, they will make that decision. That is your sale because you brought them in. It doesn't matter who did the presentation and "close" or if they purchased it on their own through the back office. 

How many times do I follow up? I will follow up 3-4 times via a combination of phone, text and email. If they are interested, or respond back, I follow up until they have made a decision as to being an agent. If I haven't been able to establish their interest level after 3-4 calls, I simply make the last personal contact like this...

"Since I've not heard back from you I figure you are either not interested, or that you are simply so busy you haven't had time to do your due diligence. No worries, you call me when you are ready. In the meantime, I hope it's OK, but I'll just stay in touch by sending you my monthly email news update. You can always opt out, but if you just peek occasionally at what we are up to, it will be a reminder we are here, and you can find me again when you are ready. In the meantime you will see what a fantastic program and opportunity this is!"

Step 8) Get Clients and Agents started!
When you sign up a new Agent, the first thing you will do is go to the top of this "Get Started" list and walk them through the first few steps. Then show them the list as a guideline for themselves. If they have indicated they are considering the program, make sure to follow up every couple of days at the beginning to get their Analysis done so they can make their decision BEFORE THE DISCOUNT for new agents expires!

This is especially true if they signed up for the "Text Drive $155" package with a 30 day trial of the program. You want to make sure they get it set up and start using it in the first three days so they get a good understanding of it, again, before the discount period expires.

Step 9) Rinse, Repeat.
If all you do is this, over and over, you will organically grow a productive team of agents and a list of completed SALES. Don't expect miracles right away... sometimes you luck into getting enthusiastic prospects right at the start, sometimes not. Sometimes it depends on YOUR enthusiasm level. But if you just keep forward momentum... you WILL succeed!

How short CAN your "cycle" be? Well, I've had instances where I made a cold call one day, did their Analysis and got them into the program the NEXT day, and, that same day, they signed up THEIR first agent, who bought the program themselves 3 days later. At the same time, I've had sales that didn't happen till 9 months after I first made contact. It's often up to luck and how busy your prospect is. Keep in mind that even though people might not be interested now... does not mean they won't GET interested later! Sometimes it just takes a while to "percolate" in their mind.

Just remember... whenever you get STUCK... you need only ask someone to help you follow up. I'm very flexible and will be happy to contact a prospective agent or client for you. I've been with the company since 2006 and generally know the answer to anything someone might ask.

So if you want me to be a 2nd voice you can do a 3 way call with me OR you can just TEXT me the name and phone number of who you'd like me to call for you. Often I can do that within a few minutes. But I'll follow back up with you after the call to update you.

My phone is 407-443-0348
my email is WealthBuilderGPS@gmail.com

I'm SUE ... Sr. Executive Director.

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