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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Realtors... DOUBLE your sales with Worth Unlimited!

Winner: "Editors Choice Award"
Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

I'm often contacted by those in the Real Estate industry asking me how Worth Unlimited can benefit their clients... and their business. In addition to earning an extra $400-$1000+ per client... there are many "soft" benefits for both of you!

The questions I get asked are pretty similar, so I'll do a quick FAQ here for you... but feel free to PHONE me if you have some questions I haven't covered.

Q: As a Realtor, how does the Worth Account benefit my CLIENTS?

A: Well, as you have already learned, the Worth Account is an excellent tool for helping your clients address their DEBT in a way that is more robust. In doing so your client will qualify for lower interest rates on a mortgage, and they will have a lower DTI ratio, and lower debt overall, making it easier to qualify for high quality financing down the road.  

Worth is a GREAT program to refer your "turn down's" to... as why are (generally) people turned down for financing? Debt and credit score issues, as well as inadequate savings for the down payment, right?  Worth addresses ALL this and will insure that your "turn downs" come back to you more quickly... ready for that home.

Q: How about people I am selling a home to... or someone that is selling their home through me?

A: Worth is focused on building EQUITY in your clients biggest asset... their home. Most people will live in a home 5-7 years before moving... but because Worth helps them build more equity... they are not only saving interest during that time... they end up with more EQUITY when they sell... meaning they can buy that bigger home they had their eye on... they can buy it sooner... or... if they are downsizing... they have more cash left over to flip into their investments.

Additionally, Worth helps people manage their money so well, that your client is at a much lower rise of defaulting should they have a "bump" in their financial road. Why? Because while Worth is helping them pay off debt faster, and build equity faster... it's also helping them build a comfortable cash, or liquid, cushion for emergencies.

Q: How is Worth different, or better, than other "get out of debt" programs?

A: There are a LOT of "get out of debt" programs, and many of our customers have tried them before coming to Worth.  However any debt program is only as valuable as someone's ability to STICK to it. Because of the higher level of interactivity and engagement a client has with the Worth program (and our optional live coaching sessions), it's been shown that we have a very high percentage of clients who have "stuck to" their program all the way through to being debt free.  With many other types of financial plans, the majority of people don't stick to them for more than a year... only about 11% of people will stick to a financial plan past two years... about 14% for a year.  However in surveys conducted of our clients, we have found more than 90% of Worth clients "sticking to" their programs through those first few years. While we don't have "hard" statistics after that, we get a lot of feedback from clients when they achieve their final pay off... and it's music to our ears!

Q: Now how can Worth benefit ME, in my real estate business?

A: It can benefit you in myriad ways... let me list just a few of them.

1) Turn real estate BUYERS... into real estate INVESTORS. One of the most simple, easy, retirement plans for someone is to have, at the time of their (early?) retirement, 3-4 rental properties, free and clear, that are producing monthly income. When you look at how well Worth manages money, you'll see that in the 30 years that it normally would take someone to pay off just ONE home... they can have 3-5 homes "free and clear" using Worth. This means they can live off the rental income in their early years of retirement or, when the time is right, liquidate the real estate and put it into an even more passive/liquid investment.

Twice, Winner of the
Editors Choice Award
Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

Think of how much YOUR real estate business would double if you could get even HALF of your clients doing this? Think of the increased commissions as you find them those investment properties, how easy it will be for them to qualify for financing, and about the REFERRALS these clients will send you as you help them move forward with their dream of an early retirement!

 Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

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2) Referrals! Each one of those clients above are going to be increasing your REFERRALS.  This is worth saying again... but in addition to your real estate buyers/sellers... when you are representing Worth... EVERYONE becomes a prospective referral source or client... not just those looking to buy or sell real estate... but those who are just looking to be more financially secure, or get out of debt... that is a HUGE expanded market to tap into and, when you do, you become their "go to" Realtor for the future! Did you know that over 80% of American's are in debt? Compare that % to the number of people in the real estate market at any given time and you can see why expanding your professional realm with Worth is an excellent move!

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3) More MONEY! It's a natural "fit" for your business... and it will increase your income, as you earn referral commissions for every client you refer who gets on the program. You are ALREADY talking to your client anyway about things like real estate, money, their credit, and financial goals... this is an easy, organic, part of that conversation... just recommend they do a "Savings Analysis" at your point of sale to see how much money they could be saving and how much faster they could be out of debt!

What are your commissions for Worth?  On average... $400 to over $1000 dollars! Add that to your regular Real Estate commissions, add the NEW referrals you will be getting, and you can see why so many of our Real Estate professionals say they have DOUBLED their income by adding Worth to the things they talk about. Keep in mind that you earn commissions for your direct referrals, bonuses when you do higher volume AND over-ride commissions for other Worth Agents/Referral partners you have brought on board with you. So if you have 10 fellow real estate professionals (or mortgage brokers, lenders, etc), that you have introduced to Worth as well... you are earning commissions on ALL that volume! This is why it's easy to build a monthly income of well over $10,000, just in Worth alone!

Want to make more money with Worth AND generate some referrals too?  Just go through past "dead" or closed files and call those customers! Offer them a free savings analysis and start a conversation... everything starts with a conversation!

4) Closing tool.  Have you ever had a client balk when they realize what their monthly mortgage payment will be with taxes and insurances?  They are uncertain whether they can "afford" to invest that monthly amount?  Well, here is what some of our agents do... they have the company run a "Savings Analysis" TWO ways... one with the rent, mortgage payment they currently make... one with the NEW payment.  When you prove to the client, in black and white, that they can not only afford this new mortgage payment... they can STILL be mortgage and debt free much quicker than they thought... they now have CONFIDENCE in their decision to move forward.

5) Prospecting tool. Are you one of those "type A" go getters? There is a lot of business you can generate by phone in your down time... but calling people looking for real estate business is tough... as there is such a low % of people looking at any given point in time. But guess what... 80% of American's are in debt!  So wouldn't it be great to have the PERFECT conversation starter to get your foot in the door with other professionals?  Why not use Worth as a way to call up other professionals in industries that could be referring to you.  For instance... insurance professionals, tax professionals, accountants, mortgage brokers, etc.  Just introduce yourself and ask a question...  "Hi, I'm Bob Jones.  I'm an Realtor here in town and I have a great program that my clients really love and I'm betting yours would too. Would you be interested in something you could refer a client to that helps them and puts more money in your pocket at the same time?"  Simple question... they are either interested or not... but chances are they are curious and now you have a conversation.  Many of these people you WILL develop a relationship with and some will end up producing referrals for your real estate business down the road... or becoming partners with you in Worth! Either way... EVERYTHING starts with a conversation, right?

We even have an "introductory script" that is proven to work, and that will have you up and running in an hour or less. On top of that... there are UNLIMITED leads for you to call... and we can show you where to find them... for free!

6) PRIVATE LABEL Option. Do you have a TEAM of people working for you?  If so, the Worth Account brings another profit center into the business... for them and for you. As we already mentioned... you make direct commissions AND over-ride commissions with Worth even when you are just REFERRING. If you are the Broker/Owner... you should get your whole team involved. 

Now though, you have the option to PRIVATE LABEL the program for your company... so that CLIENTS don't see "Worth Unlimited" when they look at it... they see YOUR company name! "Palm Realty Financial GPS" for instance. Private Label accounts can be customized to your needs, and you can choose to utilize our in-house sales staff the same way you do with referrals... but they will be answering the phone "Palm Realty" instead of Worth Unlimited. Commission structures for your cut of the program are also customizable, as well as how many associates you can allow access to for the back office and CRM program. Want more details on Private Labels?  Call us!

Once you're involved in the Worth Account you'll probably think of even more ways this will benefit you and your clients... people usually do.

In the meantime, if you think of more QUESTIONS... just call!

~~~ 407-443-0348

Sue Copening
Worth Unlimited

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