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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How does the Worth Account WORK?

It works GREAT!  Our average client is saving over $120,000 in interest and paying off ALL their debt (including a 30 year mortgage) in just 7-11 years. Amortized, thats over $900 in interest savings for each month of program use!  With over 70,000 clients to date, we have helped people just like you pay down over 400 million dollars of principle.

Best of all... clients report this program is EASY to "stick to" - it helps you make better informed financial choices, stay motivated and pay down debt quickly.  All withOUT having to make any significant changes to your overall budget.  Our clients report they are getting, on average, over 20% BETTER results than were projected in their free Savings Analysis.

Could YOU be a good fit for the Worth Account?  It only takes 10 minutes to find out, no account numbers or "personal" type info is needed... just your balances, interest rates, payment amounts and average income.  

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  1. Sue, if my choice is to put my extra money into a matched 401(k) account, or use it to pay off my mortgage, currently 4%, what do you recommend?

  2. First... you should ask this question of your financial advisor. I'm not one, so I can only answer from my own personal perspective.

    But... If you mean your employer is matching your 401K contributions $ for $... and if you are getting a better return on your 401K... then, if it were ME... I'd probably maximize the 401K.

    However, there are other variables to consider. What if I have a lot of other, higher interest rate debt? If so, I'd focus on paying that off. Getting 4%, even on a matching funds 401K, isn't going to get me anywhere if I have a ton of money on a 19% interest rate credit card (or cards).

    However if I paid off that credit card... now the money that had been going to that can also go to my 401K, or possibly to a divided approach of maximizing the 401K up to where the matching funds cease, and paying off the mortgage quicker so it's paid off by the time I retired.

    Another thing to consider is... how confident am I in the stock market (if the 401K is tied to that). After all... when the stock market crashed before, a friend lost about 10% of their 401K account - right before they were forced to cash some of it out because of a divorce (ouch). My own mother lost about 20-30% in an annunity she had (if I am remembering correctly). So it's hard to EVER be sure if a financial decision is the right one... there are no guarantees in life (and especially in the stock market).

    Everyone has a different investment strategy... I have two friends who have been good investors over the years. One in the stock market, one in buy and hold real estate as rentals. The economy crash was very damaging to the stock market investor... they still haven't completely recovered. However the real estate landlord didn't even have a "blip" because, even through their property values dropped... it didn't matter since they are occupied and they don't intend on selling. Also, they actually SAVED money (and increased their cash flow) because they petitioned to get their property taxes lowered based on new valuations.

    One should always have a solid strategy and be reevaluating it according to their circumstances and that of the market. However ANY strategy I might have is predicated on one key element ... How GOOD a money manager am I?

    Because if I consider myself a good money manager... why do I have credit card debt at all? If I'm financially disciplined... I don't, do I?

    This is, in my opinion, the most valuable part of the Worth Account. It turns bad money managers into much better ones. It turns good money managers into excellent ones. It not only does the "math" to help maximize interest savings (constantly recalculating and correcting - like a GPS), but it acts like a personal trainer for your financial life... providing COACHING, accountability and motivation.

    People sometimes think our program is just for people who have too much debt. However that's not true.... it's good for ANYone who wants to be better with managing their money. For real estate investors, for instance, it makes maximizing cash flow and building a portfolio of income producing properties MUCH easier and less time consuming... as well as more profitable.

    This is why so many financial advisors, as well as real estate professionals... recommend the Worth Account to their clients.

    Why not call the toll-free 800 number and see what the Worth Account could do for you? Then compare the savings against the potential growth of your 401K doing what you are currently doing - talk to your financial advisor and make a decision based on how well you know your own money management habits.

    Call me if you want to chat... best wishes to you!