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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Notes from the last Agent Training Webinar on July 22nd.

Here are some notes I took from the Webinar on Monday the 22nd. To see the Webinar for yourself, you can click here to see the recording (link is in "News" in the back office)...

July 22nd Training Webinar:

Here are my notes:


Opportunity site (now optimized for mobile phones)  has options for people to enter their info to get more info, shows them videos, testimonials and credibility pieces like magazine articles and Better Business Bureau rating (A+).

Get Started now - sign up
or Get more info


Two methods to sign up

Test Drive - $155 which gets them 30 day trial of the program (OR)
Agent Only (discount option - Start49 promo code for $49)

As an Agent, in July, Agents who buy the program in the firs 30 days will get a 30% discount. In AUGUST, that discount goes to 20% and only for the first 10 days.

It will ask how they want to get paid: check or direct deposit (ACH), which allows them to put in info right then.

Even if they don't complete sign up, they will show up as a prospect in your back office.


Clients can get discounts till end of July (31st) - 30%  (Retail30) Good 2 days after you "activate" discount on Savings Analysis.

Perm discount Military is always 10%

You'll see the "discount" link in the Prospect tab but you can choose when to activate it. It will expire in 2 days. You can enter code into cart or give to client and send them to cart.


30% through end of July

(expires 30 days after sign up)
then... 20% in August
(expires 10 days after sign up)

Program OPTIONS:

>> Lines of Credit

>> Checking/Savings
The Worth Account works BEST with a line of credit. However 90% of clients get started with the Checking and Savings approach, and add a line of credit in the future.


Coming up in MID-October, exact dates and times will be announced.

>> Double Zero will be announced!
Double your income with ZERO additional effort. You will need 5 personal sales by convention to qualify for Double Zero... so get rolling!

STEVE  YOUNG is the NEW National Sales Director

Mac Saunders is Marketing Director


Q: When do 5 sales start for Double Zero?

A: Beginning July 16th through the Convention.

Q: How do we get a closer assigned to us?

A: In the back office, where your prospect is, click on prospect, then click on "Assign" and choose a date/time for home office to do your clients Savings Analysis. Home office will assign to a coach, and you will get updates via email. Please stay on top of staying in contact with your client to be sure they follow through and are avail for that appointment. Also, after appt, do not take "assignment" back from the coach, as they may need a few days to wrap up sale with your prospect and injecting into the process could interrupt that flow.

Q: Will Pay Pal payment options still be available?

A: Yes, however PayPal will only be available for full price purchases, not ones where a discount has been applied. Those sales are cash, check or credit card only.

Q: How to participate in the Blog Talk Radio Show?

A: You just need to call in on the phone during the live show. Obviously this isn't avail once it's recorded. Phone is: 646-787-8176.
The WEB ADDRESS: BlogTalkRadio.com/WorthAgents

Q: How much notice does home office need to do a live event for at least 50 people?

A: Please give Home Office at least 60 days notice. Best times are a Friday evening as the event us a combination of "opportunity" and training for new agents.

Q: Do sales closed by a corporate coach count toward your 5 sales for "Double Zero?"

A: Yes, you need only have referred the sale.

Q: For the minimum of 50 to hold a live meeting with Corporate leaders... can it be a mix of new people and existing agents?

A: Yes, can be a mix.

Q: If you recruit a new Agent, and they buy the program for themselves... is that counted as your sale toward "Double Zero?"

A: Yes, it is your sale, you get commission and you get credited with it toward "Double Zero."

Q: Can an agent listen in on a Savings Analysis and Presentation with their client and a corpoorate coach or certified closer?

A: Yes, as long as you have the persmission of your client. It is actually great training for you. Just make sure the coach knows you want to sit in so they can coordinate with you.

Q: If you sign up an Agent and they then buy the program on their own, do you pay out a commission to a closer?

A: No, you get all the commission, as if you closed the sale yourself. This actually happens quite often, as Agents will run their own Savings Analysis and decide on their own to just check out using the shopping cart. Additionally, if you want to feel more comfortable doing the presentations and sales, there is a training every Saturday at 9 AM. The link to that is in your back office on the home page. Just scroll down.

Q: Do you have to run an Analysis BEFORE someone gets the $155 30-day trial.

A: No, you can simply enter someone as a prospect in the back office, pull up Analysis, then choose the trial option from the bottom of the screen. Do NOT activate the discount yet... as it expires in two days. For July, for instance, the discount is good till the end of the month, so go in on the last day of the month (if they haven't bought yet), and activate the discount on that day.

Q: What steps do I take before handing off a client to the corporate  coach/trainer?

A: Have them read the eBook, and watch the videos, but don't run the Savings Analysis... just set them up for the appointment for that. 

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