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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

TAKE Action TRAINING for ALL agents PLUS huge new opportunity!

WOW.... New product... New income opportunity... 
Plus... one sale gets you "Direct to Director" !!

ONE SALE, in your FIRST 30 days as a "Referral Partner / Agent" means you get...

1) Your $149 Enrollment fee refunded
2) Promotion up TWO levels to DIRECTOR!  ...and qualifies you to receive commissions on two levels below you... plus you miss having to do over $20k in volume to get there and your direct commissions on a sale jump up almost $200.

3) Ability to sell the new PRIVATE LABEL!


Our newest "product" is the ability to sell a "PRIVATE LABEL" version of the Worth Unlimited program to a company that want's to "brand it" as their own.  If "ABC Financial" wants to resell this to their customers as THEIR product, it will now have the ABC logos on it, phones and documentation are coming from ABC and they have their own, custom, pricing and commission structures for sales.

YOU also make a greater commission... 

1) Individual commissions average: $400-$1000
2) Private Label commissions average: $1000-$3000+

See a "quick sheet" overview of Private Label sales...

I believe math is accurate, however let me know if you find an error on this!

Plus, you still make OVER-RIDES off every private label REsale too!  One of our agents is making over $20,000 a month from one private label account.  

WHO might want a "private label" version of this program?  Insurance or Financial firms, Banks and Credit Unions, Mortgage Companies, Accounting Firms or CPA firms, and even companies that deal with financing for big ticket items like... Auto Dealers, Boat and Yacht dealers, furniture, swimming pools, etc.

For more details on private labels... unlimitedworth@gmail.com or call Sue: 407-443-0348.

"Round Table" & BONUS POOL Promotion!

NOTE: This promo is over, however I'm leaving up as an example of the types of fun promotions the company does periodically... also the Links to the RECORDED trainings are still good! 

... During the promotion a % of EVERY sale, company wide is going into a Bonus Pool.  This includes sales of the private label!

At the end of the promotional period, everyone who qualified for bonus pool will share in the pool in proportion to their sales.  

How much could this be?

Who knows?  It depends on the company wide sales (you benefit from everyone's sales, even if they are not part of your team), and it depends on how many qualify for the pool.

However in the time I've been with the company, I've seen bonus pool checks be anywhere from a few hundred, to well over $10,000.  When I've been lucky enough to receive them, they were generally several thousand.

The "Round Table" promotion will also include as prizes...

~~ iPad
~~ Preferred seating at the Vegas event in October (24th & 25th)
~~ Award and check presented on stage at the event


~~ New Analysis Software ... You can now run your OWN Analysis, or that of a prospect!  Instruction and "How to" videos included here...

~~ New DEMO program  ... use the demo program to show others how the program works... put in their numbers, your numbers, or make them up!
https://MyDemoSystem.com (use same login as you use for the Worth back office)

~~ New VIDEOS on your replicated web site.  Go check them out on mine at: http://WorthClient.com (all 3 videos are at the bottom).  I still like to send prospects the videos of REAL clients talking about our program that you can find here...

~~ New CRM software in back office with VIDEO TRACKING!  Keep track of your prospects, send an email with a video link and see when they watch it!  You'll get an email when your client has taken action, know how much of the videos they watched, etc.  Great for targeted follow up!  (go to "Prospects" in the back office to find the CRM software.  If you don't have a prospect, use the "add prospect" feature to create one you can experiment with.) Log in with your agent ID here...


There has been an ongoing training through Joan Haakonstad which, while it is too late for you to participate in directly... you can still view the weekly (recorded) webinar trainings for.

To view these... CLICK for recorded training info

Again, it's too late for you to get an accountability partner or "officially" be part of the training ... but not too late to do the training by yourself... and get the knowledge.  If you want an ongoing "accountability partner" to help you stay on tract and motivated... just call or email me and I'll find you one... or be one!

for questions

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