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Friday, August 23, 2019

NEW VIDEOS on our Client Sites PLUS Product Demo

The company has researched which, of all the videos and trainings out there, have done the BEST job explaining the program and converting clients.

They have ADDED them to our client sites on a special "video" page you can access with this link...

like this...

This is the best short intro video...

And this is the best DEMO video


PLUS... with all of the explosive recruiting and growth throughout the company, Agents have been asking for live Presentation and DEMO training on the Worth Account System.

So this happened on August 26th... where we went into a detailed Demo of the Worth Account.

You will be AMAZED at what the software can do! …In this demonstration, you'll see the software’s amazing capabilities ... ones that you probably aren’t even aware of! 


NOTE: We still have the special $49 promo to sign up to be a Worth Referral Agent. Adding Worth to YOUR business can produce significant additional revenue as you just "Refer & Earn!"

Help your clients to become financially independent and build wealth with Worth!

use "Discount Code" - Start49

This promo could end anytime, so take action now!

Call Sue with any questions: 407-443-0348

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