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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Be a FIELD CLOSER! Here's how to earn a great living from your couch.

The Money Max Account is marketed by our network of independent "referral AGENTS" who can choose to simply refer their prospects OR do the actual presentations themselves.

We get a LOT of people who are in various full time professions like real estate, insurance, accounting, lending, banking, etc., who are pretty darn busy in their "core" professions and they prefer to just "Refer & Earn."

This means we are continually in need of new "Field Closers" who act as Coaches and do the Savings Analysis, Follow up and close for our referral agents.

If you have experience in sales, or just are a people person who can stay focused on your presentations and follow up, you can make an excellent income.


Use Worth to create a part or full time income for yourself with an AWARD winning product and a company with an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau!

You can be a "Referral Agent" all day long with Worth and either close your own sales OR simply refer your sales to a "Field Closer" who will do the sale for you. 

You can also be a "Field Closer" for OTHER Worth "Referral Agents." If you enjoy working from the comfort of your couch and like chatting with people, this is a great way to create some income. As a "Field Closer" other people will flip you THEIR prospects.

1) You need to be a United Financial Freedom agent. Right now you can sign up for just $99. (instead of regular $149) No required monthly expense after that, and only a $50 year renewal fee each year.
2) Three or more hours of closing training (videos below)
3) Two (2) split training sales and 2 sales you obtained and closed on your own.
4) Agreement to sign.

To let us  know you are interested in being a Field Closer... TEXT or call:
407-443-0348 (ask for Sue)

Let us know if you are an existing Agent already (along with your Agent #). If you are, let us know who signed you up as well.

If you are not an Agent yet, I can help you get signed up. If you have questions, call the number above and we will walk you though.

Now... this information will help you decide if this is right for you, along with helping determine what your income could be. I've put a lot in here... don't try to go through all at once, just do a section a day.

The Worth Account Overview:

9 min - Overview of the program

4 min - Wealth Building overview

13 min - Intro Video:

18 min - Demo Video

39 min - Full Presentation
(what you will learn to do)


Click here for the full PDF of compensation for Worth. This has been updated recently, I'll post new version asap...

You can also watch the Video:

In short though, as a Field Closer, you earn 14.28% of the commissionable volume (CV) for each sale.

For example, on a presentation you do for another referring agent, if the sales price is $3100, you receive $310.

$3100 x 70%CV x 14.2857% = $310.

Each appointment takes about an hour, more or less, however some appointments might be split up into 2 different sessions.

While you could book back to back appointments, chances are you want to allow 1/2 to an hour in between, so you can use that time to confirm appointments for later in the day or the next day. A comfortable schedule would be 4-5 presentations, max, per day. If you are getting qualified prospects (meaning they can afford to get the program and it shows that it will help them, you will probably close 40% of them once you get good at this).

Being conservative, you could potentially earn $300 to $600 per day (just in Field Coach commissions) if you have a full schedule, though, be aware that commission is earned as the program is paid for. Most are paid for in full, up front, though there is a subscription option as well.

Of course, while you are doing this you might be recruiting your own team on the side OR some of these appointments are coming from agents that are already in your team. If that is the case, you will also be earning the over-rides on those sales as well. See the compensation PDF for details on that but over-rides are, on average, 6-24% additional. So your over-ride on some of these might be more than your Field Coach commission.

How to do the presentation:

Video of Presentation
with National Director Mac Saunders

1) You are referred the prospect
2) You confirm the Appointment, or set up the appointment, with the prospect AND confirm it via email and phone/text.
3) Do their Savings Analysis
4) Present the results
5) Activate the new Worth Account
6) Get paid

If client does not activate on the first appointment, you simply set a follow up appointment and follow up until they make a decision (most close on 2nd appointment).

WHY do prospects get a Savings Analysis?

1) to compare our results with whatever they are currently doing.
2) to find out when they can be debt free (date) and what their potential savings can be with Worth. This is tied to our "money back performance guarantee."
3) to help them make a decision on whether the Worth Account is right for them and to get their questions answered.

What is required for them to get a Savings Analysis?

1) It's FREE, no obligation.
2) No credit check, no SS# or account numbers are needed. Nothing that could make anyone concerned about "identity theft."
3) They just need their generic numbers which include...
Payment Amounts
Interest rates
For amortized loans; the start date (or close approximation).
Average discretionary income after monthly living expenses

If they move forward with the program they don't have to change what they are already doing. No loan modifications or refinance is needed and the savings analysis is based on their CURRENT budget so no significant changes are necessary to their budget or lifestyle for the program to work (see testimonials at bottom for what clients think about our program and company).

Here are the Field Closer trainings. Watch them as part of your required training OR just to decide if this looks attractive to you.

Field Closer Training:

July 6th

July 20th

July 27th

August 3rd

August 10th

Other Trainings:

A Builders Mindset
August 12th

Back Office Tools:

Agent Resources:

How to run the Savings Analysis:

How to use the Shopping Cart:

How to "talk about the Worth Account"

Copy of the Article about the Worth Account that appeared in "Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine" and earned us the "Editors Choice Award!

Testimonials from REAL CLIENTS!

Penny *extra good!

Pete *extra good!








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