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Saturday, September 14, 2019

FREE Savings Analysis!

Your first step is to get your FREE Savings Analysis done. Our average client saves over $100,000 on their journey to being debt free, your savings might be a bit more, or less, but the Analysis will show you your unique savings and is tied to our Money Back Performance Guarantee, should you move forward and get the program.

Here is what a savings analysis looks like. Just click to expand it, OR, if you would like to have a version emailed to you, just text your email address to 407-443-0348 and ask!

To do your savings analysis we just need the balances, interest rates and payment amounts on your debts. We do not need any "sensitive" information like account numbers or personal identifying info. In other words... nothing that could possibly lead to identity theft.

You can get a start by downloading this form to see what numbers we look for. Don't worry if it's not "exact", a good estimate is fine.

If it's a bother to print, fill out, scan and email, no worries!
But, if you want the appointment to go faster, just use it as a reference and email the numbers in the body of an email to: WealthBuilderGPS@gmail.com
Include your name and the name of who referred you to the company!

Get your free savings analysis appointment by calling: 407-443-0348 or emailing: WealthBuilderGPS@gmail.com

Appointments avail Mon & Tuesday 9 am to 1 pm Eastern, and Weds-Saturday 9 am to 7 pm.

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