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Not an "official" company website, this is the blog for Sr. Exec. Director and Independent Associate, Sue Copening. We hope this blog will guide you in our UNITED mission to eliminate debt, create income opportunity and to build wealth and FINANCIAL FREEDOM for America! You'll find tips here to help you maximize income with the Money MAX Account, pay off debt rapidly (or help your clients do so), and build wealth. If you have found this site because you were referred by someone, get back to them to get started. Otherwise, reach out to me at: 407-443-0348 or WealthBuilderGPS@gmail.com

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Exciting NEW changes for 2019!

...here is a brief overview of some of the news and promotions:

  • We have a new marketing message and can now approach people from many different angles and “hot points” based on what is important to the prospect (paying off debt, converting debt to wealth, banking strategies, etc…). Our focus is to Convert Debt into Wealth!
  • We have a new product-only website that has an incredible eBook designed to help us agents with the question of “How does it work”. And, for those who are not interested in reading the eBook, we have extremely effective videos designed to capture interest and others to help get into greater detail of how the program works. Check out my website:
    • www.WorthAccount.com/Sue - emphasizes the eBook (an EXCELLENT tool to explain how the program works
    • www.WorthAccount.com/Sue/Videos - Highlights two extremely powerful videos. The first does an excellent job providing an overview of the program / gaining excitement. The second demonstrates one way in which someone can convert their debt into wealth using real estate.
  • We have a new President of Marketing and Sales, Steve Coach Young. He is the former Mayor of New Jersey and was one of the top people at Primerica. And, he has brought an incredible energy and new approach that is working.
  • We have a new Advisory Panel for Worth with the Owners, Coach, as well with representation from the field. I am blessed to be a participant on the advisory board.
  • A new compensation plan was put into place on Monday, June 11. The attached Excel Spreadsheet offers percentage detail and provides a good avenue to project / set income goals. This is a SIGNIFICANT increase in our commission and overrides.
  • Wholesale discount for agents (agents who purchase the program in the first 30 days of becoming an agent get a 30% discount on the program). Current, existing agents have until July 16 to purchase the program at a 30% discount.
  • Relationship with PayPal to help some prospects finance the program (through PayPal, for those who qualify). This will help decrease the challenge with people having to come out of pocket with the investment for the program. And, people can finance the program through PayPal and have 6 months without interest.
  • Private Label and White Label options
  • Of course, we still have a choice: We as agents can run analyses ourselves. Or, we can choose to refer our prospects over to Worth to run the analysis for us. So, all we need to do is have a 10-15 minute conversation with people, get them curious enough to want to see how the program can benefit them, and then refer them over to the Corporate office for a Coach to run the analysis, explain the program, and close the sale. We get paid! 
  • We are currently offering a promotion for people to join as an agent for only $49 as opposed to $149. This is good until (Great NEWS! Extended to mid-October). New agents can go to the sponsoring agent’s Opportunity Site (www.WorthUnlimited.com/Sue) BUT IT IS YOUR Agent ID... then enter their information below the video (name, email, and phone number) and press Get Started (green arrow). On the next page, they need to complete the rest of the information and then half way down, next to where it says Independent Agent $149, it says “Enter Event Code”. Select this and then enter: Start49. This will reduce the price form $149 to $49.
  • Direct to Director promotion is currently open to all agents until July 16 (normally, the Direct to Director promotion is only good for new agents for the first 30 days of being an agent). This means, any agent who has a sale between now and July 16 will automatically move to the level of Director. Huge advancement for many!
  • UFirst agents are Grandfathered in at their past UFirst rank (just need to email Support@WorthUnlimited.com to get the rank advancement honored). And, yes, this does apply to existing Worth Agents who were past UFirst agents. Anyone who was/is at the level of Agent (or Associate with UFirst), can be advanced to Supervisor (the next rank up). Again, they need to email Support to get this rank advancement.

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