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Monday, July 1, 2019

"Recruit to Sell" Approach!

Tips on the "Recruit to Sell" approach.

Advantage: My PERSONAL approach is the "Recruiting to Sell" approach. I call professionals in certain industries... like Real Estate, Financial Planning, Accounting, Mortgages, Insurance, etc. I use an opening script that is really simple, like this...

"Hi Bob... are you still in [real estate]? Great! You don't know me but I work with a company called Worth... we work with real estate folks like yourself. We have a program that can really help your clients, and by referring your clients you can create an additional income stream.. We pay you, on average, $400 to over $1000 for each client you refer who gets the program. 

Our company has an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau. I don't want to take up too much of your time now... but would you be open to looking at our product and see if you might be interested in referring clients? I could send you a short video link via email....?" 

That's it. Most folks say sure and give me their email. I then ask if I'm calling their cell phone and, if not, see if I can get that as well. I just say... 

"I can text that video link to your phone as well, in case that makes it easier to watch. It's short, only about 12 minutes."

The rest of the conversation just evolves organically. They sometimes have questions right then, if they do, I'll chat. I leave the door open like this...

"Great! Thanks so much. I'll send that link right this minute and follow up late in the day tomorrow or early the next so you have time to watch.  I'll let you go now in case I caught you at a busy time... Unless you have questions now?"

That's pretty much it. I let that last word kind of sound like a question which will prompt them to ask one if they have one. Sometimes you have a nice conversation right then about the program, sometimes they are busy and are happy you are respecting their time and not trying to trap them on the phone.

I guarantee you that if you just make it your goal to call enough people to have 3-5 conversations a day about this program... you will be successful. If you have time to call more... great!

The thing I like about this "recruit to sell" approach is this... you have UNLIMITED leads to call since there are millions of professionals all over the country that have not heard of this program.

Also... it's a LOT easier to get people to take the time to learn about this when they are learning for the purpose of MAKING money, rather than spending it (lol).

But, this program sort of sells itself once people learn how it works... and about 40% of the people you talk to will be good prospects to buy the program too. You don't even have to ask... at some point they will mention it themselves!

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