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Friday, December 1, 2017

New DISCOUNTED Pricing makes Worth even BETTER!

A lot has changed with Worth over the years.  You can see the HISTORY of the Worth Account and Worth Unlimited as it began as United First Financial) here...

History of the Worth Account

If you are completely unfamiliar with our company you should read the above post first for the whole "back story."

In the last few years there have been a few very important changes...

Flexible Pricing!

The Worth Account used to be a fixed price of $3500. For most this worked out to be a GREAT deal... as our average client was saving over $120,000 on their current debt load. Investing $3500 to save $120k meant that the program investment was no more than 3% of the amount saved for MOST of our clients.

But what if you were not saving the "average" amount that most clients did? For myself, my savings was just $68,000., meaning my investment was a little over 5% of what I saved. Still a great deal, but not as good as others. I also had clients that were only going to save about $25,000. They STILL wanted to buy the program, for the simple reason that it is a program for LIFE, and they knew they would be picking up more debt in future years (other houses, cars, etc), and they would save money using the program to manage those debts as well. But still... 14% pricing versus 3%? Not as attractive.

Even though the savings always justified the investment, the fixed pricing was still controversial. SO... Management listened to us, their agents and clients, and they came up with a "discounted" formula that means that if you are not saving as much, or you don't have as much in assets, or income, etc., then you can get a DISCOUNT on the sale price.

How does that work?  How do you know what your investment will be to use the program for the rest of your life?

To find out what YOUR savings will be... and what your pricing is... you simply get one of our FREE Savings Analysis. That Analysis looks at your debts, interest rates, payment amounts, your income and, based on how you are currently spending your money, it calculates exactly WHEN you will be debt free, and how much you can expect to save, withOUT changing your current budget or lifestyle in any noticeable way.

It also calculates a DISCOUNT immediately that is good for the next 30 days.

Here is an example from one of my teams clients...

As you see this persons total savings is less than average... only $64,574.
However they are saving over 19 years and will be debt free in under 10 years!
So, while the interest savings is on the low side... the TIME SAVED is huge... think of what their monthly savings ($562) can mean to them invested every month for that 19 years of debt service they got out of early?

They also got a discount on the program...

A nice discount of $300 isn't bad. Some discounts can be even bigger... depending on circumstances, which leads me to the fact that we have also based pricing on three different LEVELS of the program...

GOLD - For those without a mortgage. They will use the program to pay off credit cards, car loans, student loan debt, etc. I've had "Gold" clients pay as little as $750 for the program. This is a great version for young people, just out of college and starting out in life. They can use their program to develop great financial management skills that will follow them though a lifetime of success.

PLATINUM - Is for people with 1 to 3 primary mortgages. This might be their residence plus 2 rental properties. They can have 2nd mortgages or HELOCS on those properties. The program will help them pay off ALL those loans PLUS car loans, student debt, credit cards, anything else they may have. I've had Platinum clients pay as little as $2400 for the program, but to be honest, the "floor" might be lower, I'm not sure.

PLATINUM PLUS - This is for the bigger real estate INVESTORS that have 4 or more primary mortgages. One of the reasons we have twice won the "EDITORS CHOICE AWARD" from Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine is because "buy and hold" investors LOVE the way our program helps them build equity and increase positive cash flow in their real estate portfolios. Platinum Plus clients pay a little bit more... the highest I've seen is about $3600.

To get YOUR Savings Analysis:
Visit our Client Site

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