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Monday, January 4, 2016

Adding WORTH for Tax Professionals

Increase your income with a NEW referral program for professionals.  While anyone can use this, it's perfect for busy TAX Professionals.

Here's the program in 3 easy steps:

1) Give your CLIENTS this survey form when they come into your office: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

2) Those clients that say "YES" ... they want more information, simply email (or fax) the form back to us at:  WealthBuilderGPS@gmail.com 

3) CASH your referral bonus:  $500 on average!

There is nothing else you need to do - nothing to pay - nothing to "sign up" for!  

How much can you earn?  Personally I've done as much as an extra $68K, on TOP of my core business.

We (Worth Unlimited) do all the work of contacting your client (with their permission as you see), offering them a FREE savings analysis and, for every client that comes on board with our program - YOU earn 50% of our sales commission (typically $500).

You can feel GREAT about partnering with our company...
  • EDITORS Choice Award - Personal RE Investor Magazine
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Award - Ernst & Young
  • A+ rating in the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU

Client LOVE this program...
  • AVERAGE savings over $100,000.
  • All debt paid off in 7-12 years, on average
  • REPORTS to make Tax Time easier - saves YOU time too!

Have questions?

1) You can download a FAQ page here:  DOWNLOAD Quesions & Answers

2) Or CALL us at: 407-443-0348 (call for fax number)

Here's to an extra GREAT 2016!

Sue Copening
Managing Exec Director - Worth Unlimited
407-443-0348 - text or call

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