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Monday, August 17, 2015

New Wealth Building with Worth Unlimited!

Clients have always been able to use Worth as a debt elimination tool while they were also saving and investing... but now Worth is programing the "wealth building piece" right into the software... giving clients a way to get debt free WHILE building wealth from day ONE!

What does this mean for our Agents?  Well, for those with an Insurance/Annuities license, it means this program works, hand in glove, with your core business even better!

1) Help clients say laser focused on wealth building by introducing them to the Worth "TOOL" at the same time you get their retirement/investment plan set up.

2) Draw clients and referrals your competitors are not... because you have something they don't - The Worth Account!

And for ALL our agents... you can now build a huge residual income by getting your license and introducing clients to a safe, tax advantaged, flexible, financial option offered with no market risk.

Additionally... our new 3rd party financing options allow you to offer your (qualified) client the Worth Account for just $99 down... while still earning all commissions upfront!


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