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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A "Retro" Look: The "Saving You Money" team reviews our original program

When our program first came out, within about a year, a local TV station's consumer department heard about it. As you see in the report, they had 3 people in the station who actually were using the program (before they produced this news story) and they all gave it a "thumbs up." 

(Click to read INTERVIEW with Mark Victor Hansen, author of
"One Minute Millionaire and Chicken Soup for the Soul")

At the time it was called the "Money Merge Account" and it only worked with mortgages and equity lines. The concept was really a "work around" solution to achieve the same results as an "offset mortgage" - which is mathematically superior to a 30 year fixed when used properly. Over 60%, perhaps 70%, of all mortgages in the UK and Australia (and many parts of Europe) are offset mortgages, however they are almost unheard of here in the US. An offset mortgage will pay off quicker and cost less interest when used as it was designed to be used.

~~ FREE Upgrades for life!

Over the years our program has evolved to "attack" all debt where it sits, simply acting as a "financial GPS" and calculating the quickest way to zero debt, paying the least in interest (no small feat considering most American's have 11-13 lines of debt, on average). 

~~ FREE Coaching and Support for life!

You never need to worry about how easy it is to use the program. It's basically "plug and play" and coaches are always available to walk you through whatever you don't "get" right away. 

~~ ALL Debt!

Now called "The Worth Account" ...This program now works on ALL debt... student debt, car loans, credit cards, whether you have no mortgage at all... or multiple mortgages.

The 5th generation of this program (clients get FREE upgrades), can automatically update through online banking and can print out reports so tax time is easier. 

~~ NEW Pricing!

Our program used to be a flat amount. Now, however, we have a "sliding scale" as well as THREE versions of the program...

Gold - for people withOUT a mortgage, just consumer and student debt.
Platinum - for those with up to 3 primary mortgages.
Platinum Plus - for investors with 4 or more primary mortgages.

Each version is priced also according to how much savings results are projected. If you don't save as much, you get a discount on the "licensing."

~~ PRIVATE LABEL versions available!

If your company would like your own CUSTOM branded version of the program... just call us!  When you Private Label the program as your own you also control the pricing and the commission structure. It's a perfect added revenue stream for financial companies, banks, credit unions, and even businesses with an F&I office... like an auto dealership.

~~ NEW Features!

The program will STILL work to mimic an offset mortgage, if the proper accounts are in place, however 95% of our clients get on the program immediately (with only a checking and savings account) to start saving money. Down the road, if they get a line of credit, then they can put that in place to achieve extra savings.  

Call me with your questions!  
Sue at 407-443-0348 

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