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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

WOW! ...a GAME CHANGER for Recruiting AND SALES!

Last Nights webinar was AMAZING, with some game changing Announcements. I can't cover them all right now... but the biggest one is this...

A brand new way of RECRUITING and selling!

I'm going to tell you what it is... then tell you how you can use it to explode your business and make generating thousands a month in EXTRA income smooth and easy.

To SEE the Webinar for yourself, we recorded it for you...

The TOOL?  I'm calling it "Test Drive 155"

When recruiting a new Referral Agent... they can choose to sign up JUST as an agent for $149. ...OR... for just $6 more then can opt for the $155, 30 day trial of the program itself!

The 30 day "Test Drive" package includes a FREE Agent registration for their first year. To remain an agent after that first year there is only the standard $50 renewal fee.

The cool thing about this is that, even if they DON'T buy the program, or need the program, for themselves, they can play around with it as a TRAINING TOOL for just $6. And we all know that those familiar with using the program do a much better job with referrals than those who are not. And owning the program helps get even better results.

So here is how it will EXPLODE your business and sales!

1) You can simply call leads in the Real Estate, Financial Planning and Insurance Industries... or any industry you see could be good referral sources for Worth. I can provide you with UNLIMITED leads... names and phone numbers to call. Just ask).

2) Ask them... "would you like a way you make more money in your business by just referring your customers to something that can help them?"

3) They get interested and you direct them to your website, let them watch the videos and follow up. Explain that all they have to do is refer their customers and the company itself will do the follow up (this might be you, it might be someone in your upline like ME, Sue).

4) The thing is... the hardest part to selling this is getting people to take the TIME to learn about the program. But we all know, once people understand this, the program SELLS ITSELF. It's a lot easier to get peoples attention to look at this for the purpose of MAKING money, then buying. BUT... once they see it, a good number (about 40% in my opinion), of those potential Agents are ALSO potential CLIENTS. They will "self-identify" at some point in your conversation with them that they might be interested in the program themselves. BINGO!

5) So you show them how they can, for just an extra $6, "test drive" the program for 30 days. This is a great training tool, but will also show them how the program would work for THEM.

(Till end of July. Starting in August,
Agent discount is 20% for first 10 days)

6) Sign them up as an Agent. Now the next step you can do yourself, or you can flip them over to me and I'll call them. Once they are signed up we give them an Orientation of the back office and show them how to run their OWN Analysis. We then ask them if they would like to do it on their own, or if they would like us to walk them through it. Their choice. It's best if we walk them through it, but doing it themselves is a great training tool too. Either way it helps them learn how the program will SAVE them money... and how much money.

7) Since they now already "own" the program, they can go about learning it through the VIDEO SERIES that has been produced to walk them through setting it up and using it. This Video Series is the SAME THING that Client Support does live for new customers.

6) Now they have 30 days to decide if they want to OWN THE PROGRAM FOR LIFE. If they BUY the program in the first 30 days... they get BOTH a 30% discount on the program, because they are an Agent now, AND they get the $155 they already spent as a CREDIT toward the program!

7) One final perk of this new program for YOU... While recruiting an Agent is not commissionable (by law), this package is a SALE of the program and IS commissionable to you. You will earn $40 or more on that "Agent Sign up with Test Drive 155!" 

Additionally, each package equals 1/4 of a sale for the purposes of promotion. So to get "Direct to Director" takes 1 full sale OR just 4 "Test Drive 155" Agent packages!

Over the next few weeks you will want to be ON THE WEBINARS as much as possible, or VIEW the recorded versions immediately AFTER. The company will be covering more details of this program.

Because of all the recent changes (see blog post below), we have seen an EXPLOSION of sales and recruiting. Just this last week we signed up over 150 new Agents and that was BEFORE this announcement!  If you are part of the old "UFirst" gang you will be excited to know that some of our most SUCCESSFUL people have come back... Lynn and Carmen Spencer and Tom Keener, for example! You probably remember that their incomes were exceeding over $100k a MONTH back in the day, and I'm sure they came back because they SEE the potential to recreate that growth again NOW.

Let's get ROCKIN and ROLLING with Worth!
Call ME this week to strategize on how to get you moving. I can provide you with leads to call, I can even help you by calling LEADS you are talking to already. I know many of you have full time careers and businesses to run, but I am devoting MOST of my time to Worth, as I am otherwise semi-retired.

Call me... 407-443-0348
Sue Copening
Sr. Executive Director, Worth Unlimited
Independent Agent


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